Tips For Building Speed On The Track

Training you speed makes you run faster than usual. Although it isn’t easy, it is bound to get the job done, become faster. The track is the best place to work on speed. Here are some essential tips for starting on focusing on your speed.

Remember that a competent and capable body is needed to handle the stress of running. So make sure you are in decent shape with a solid base.

Seek group workouts with likeminded runners for your speed support. Check with the running and triathlon clubs in your area.


Look for a competent coach who can provide you with some personal advice and guidance. Certain coaches charge fees while others may do it for free.

It is mandatory to cultivate the habit of performing a warm up before running and cool down after running, consisting of at least 10 minutes of jogging and light stretching.

Try switching your daily training shoes with racing shoes to give you the feel of faster speed and grip.

It is basic track etiquettes for slow runners to give up the inside lanes to faster runners.

When with a group, tend to run a single file or two abreast but never farther out than the second lane.

Remember it takes time, start with modest efforts and try to run faster progressively each week.

When running remember to run at 80 percent maximum effort. It is all about having control when running. You will be able to judge this instinct by wearing a heart monitor to check your pulse in order to gauge exertion.

Whenever you step foot on to the track, remember to give it you’re all. Always leave something on the track. You should never finish a workout feeling as if you can’t run another step.

Progressively you can expect a minimum of at least three to four workouts before you begin to feel comfortable.


You can expect a minimum of six to ten workouts before your intense training eventually progresses to improve your race performances.

If you want the best results for your intention, then commit to making a long-term commitment. Bear in mind; speed work is not a quick fix solution to a running out.

Mix and vary your workouts to prevent any formation of constant performance and so that you don’t get fixed on comparing your times with past efforts.

Train accordingly for maximum results. Train lightly the day before and the day after with a speed workout.

Post Author: Ana Cruz